Chaco Marketing: Apparently I’m Not The Only One Who Wears Sandals While Hitchhiking in 35-Degree Rain

Chacos, the only footwear company to use consumer tanlines as a marketing tool, recently came to the questionable (aka smartest in the history of the brand) conclusion that placing my face on their website would result in increased revenue.

Now while this contains an underlying economic assumption, one that states firms operate to earn profit, it also means that my sweaty face graces the front webpage of one of the outdoor industry’s most deservedly recognized footwear maker.  I’m honored that the company that makes the sandals that I (publicly) FREAK OUT about losing in Korean campgrounds is using my lifestyle of financial dearths to show customers that they, too, should gift sandals to their friends. front page, November, 2011

I’m also on various other pages on their website, especially those relating to their holiday “Gift Guide.”

In addition to flaunting my backup Black Diamond headlamp, en route to skiing from the summit ridge of California’s 13,652 ft. Mount Tom, across their webosphere presence, Chaco also added 1 more email to the inbox of countless granola-eating, Boulder-bike-commuting, ”environmental consultants,” with this email:

Because you’re a reader of this blog, though, I’ll tell you what my real, personal, and effective gift-giving technique is:

give Chacos.


Well, as demonstrated by my recent receiving of my 2nd pair of Chacos, it works in your favor.  But, as always, be sure to gift the WRONG SIZE.  And gift them to your roommate.  Your roommate who, if shoes don’t fit, will simply store them in like-new condition until he is ready to move out, at which time you can see him moving the brand-new sandals from one bin to another, and can capitalize on the opportunity:

“You never ended up using those Chacos, eh?”
“No, man.  I really wanted to wear them.  Like I told you when you gave them to me, I had really wanted a pair…so much so that I went out and bought a pair that fit.  But this pair was just about a half size too big.”
“Oh, that’s really too bad.  So, what are you doing with them?”
“Nothing, really.  They just sit with all of my other shoes.”
“Well, I am about to buy a new pair since I finally wore through my last pair while I was in China.  Since those are my size, um…do you–”
“Dude, they’re yours.” 

It works.

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