Welcome Back. Sorry, I Fell Asleep for 2 Months.

It’s hard for me to even tell when brodyleven.com disappeared from your view.

For over a year, I spent hours each day updating this blog, ensuring that a daily story was available for the loyal readers that continually dismiss the rest of their lives’ duties for 5 minutes.  A willingness to immerse oneself in a tale of rootless wanderings each and every day leads me to believe that any given reader of this website has travel-oriented inclinations and tendencies to fancy life’s adventures.  For this, I admire you.

With a penchant for envy, I, myself, visit no less than 10 blogs in a given Internet-Day (a vague unit of time most often determined by how much there is to catch up on one’s News Feed).  I find inspiration from the stories produced by the people I admire most—those whom are capable of not only embarking upon the most creative adventures, but realizing that letting life pass by without getting scared is a waste.  The best blogs are those with a storytelling voice that shares both the voyage and its deeper implications–its meaning.

This website has not been neglected.  Far from it.  For over 2 months now, I have worked on getting it back online.  It was never supposed to be down for more than 2 weeks.  I had hopes of surprising devoted visitors with an entire redesign and layout, improving the experience of visiting brodyleven.com and inviting new readers.

I enlisted the skills of talented designers to handle the transition because I have absolutely no idea how to build a website.

Somewhere, early in the transition to the new layout, something went horribly wrong.  Something that is beyond my knowledge base.  Something that I still don’t understand.  But something that eventually lead to 2 months of frustrating, inconsistent, behind-the-scenes work.

Every single day (that I wasn’t lost in the backcountry) since going offline for the redesign, I have worked on content, design, or troubleshooting of the new site.  It has been a ridiculous and convoluted experience that I have not enjoyed.

Now, after 2 months of hidden work going entirely unnoticed, I re-launch brodyleven.com to a non-existent readership base.

Prior to this departure of internet presence, brodyleven.com had received over 50,000 visits.  Now, we start from square one.  I don’t blame anyone for not visiting—there hasn’t been content.  But I must begin to re-establish a visitor base.  This will be done by providing continually-updated, quality content from around the mountains and around the world.

I look forward to your return, interaction, and inviting of new friends.  Your feedback and comments on the content, layout, and stories is what will drive brodyleven.com in the direction it should go.

Thanks, welcome back, and I’ll see you tomorrow.