2 Outings, 1 Weekend, 0 of my Work

Questionably defacing the typically-beautiful front page of the Surface Skis blog today sits a group of young men, all of whom are prone to hiking on rocks in ski boots and receiving stone grinds from…stones.  In May.  On skis.  On Sunday, we found the only snow left on Planet Earth for a fun day of skiing and getting muddy.

Similarly, my sunglasses are currently hiding my sunglasses tan (?) on the front page of Adam’s blog, tetonsandwasatch.com.  As an avid reader of his website, I was psyched to have the opportunity to ski with him on Saturday.

So, until I have time this week to post my own photos, videos, and quirks from the outings, please support my friends’ blogs by checking out both stories.  They include some sweet pictures, too.

Adam’s post about Saturday. 

Surface’s post about Sunday.