Photoshoot Reminder: Make Sure to Senderbrau with Surface Skis

Between spring ski trips, I was fortunate to get out with Surface Ski’s Jason Eichhorst along with a rope, 3 ice axes, ski poles, a full rock rack, a harness, an Avalung, a helmet, Walk Frees, and a bike without any brakes.  The agenda was to do a photo shoot to promote the release of Surface’s newest summer t-shirt, the Senderbrau.

Jason and I looked like a couple of idiots on Salt Lake’s popular mountain-front bikeway, Wasatch Boulevard.  With a ton of “gear”, but zero gears, I continually rode up and down a 50-yard stretch of road as Jason ran backwards in front of me, shooting photos and hoping no cars were coming toward him.

Between my accidentally shoving my poles through my moving spokes and his tripping over his own feet, some shots managed to emerge.

One of the day’s results is currently on display on the front page of

With German roots, Wasatch flare, and a limited production run, I’m sure the Causewell store is being overrun with customers trying to get their hands on these American Apparel tees printed by a local SLC shop.

Send-er-brau…get it!?

But, like anything good that happens to me, ever, it was short lived.  My brand new t-shirt, carefully placed in the trunk of my car beside the piles of gear from the shoot, somehow found its way on top of my greasy bike chain.  Go figure.  Not only was I the first person to see and wear one of these shirts, but also the first to ruin it.

On the bright side, I experienced the miracle of bleach for my first time.