Surface Skis x Brody Leven Fundraiser for Utah Avalanche Center

Remember the Green Life skis? I wrote an article about them for Powder because I think it’s so stinkin’ cool that Surface cares enough about humanity to promote healthier lives for all of us. So it came as no surprise to me when Surface’s owner approached me with an idea to sell the prints that they used to “authenticate” the Surface Skis booth at the SIA tradeshow in Denver two weeks ago and donate 100% of the proceeds to the Utah Avalanche Center.

The big prints, which cost a bazillion dollars to print, are 2′x5′. There are two smaller sizes, as well. Most of the photos were taken by Adam Clark and they all feature me in some sort of “ski”-configuration: bootpacking with skis attached to my backpack, skinning with skis attached to my toes, or skiing with skis attached to my feet.

With all revenue going to the UAC, pricing is as follows:

-large (2′x5′) prints -$50
         (this is the size that is really uncomfortable to see yourself upon, only 8″ away from life-size)
-medium prints      -$20
-small prints          -$10

I just truly think it’s rad for Surface to be doing this for the Utah Avalanche Center–probably one of the most-visited websites in Utah throughout the winter. You know how you go to CNN, or FOX, or YouTube, or your email, or whatever site is your homepage when you jump online each morning? Yeah, for us that’s

Here are the prints:














To purchase any prints (local sales preferred), visit the Surface Skis Facebook page.

While I was in the shop, the first one sold to a local SLC dentist. He wants to hang it in his office of mouthal hygiene. How did I sign it?  #1 of 1


I’m shorter than, like, everyone.

Many of the shots were taken from this trip last summer: