Terramar Team


You know how you change your underwear a lot?
I don’t do that.
Well, that isn’t entirely true. But my base layers, AKA “underwear,” are used for weeks and weeks on end. I hike and ski in the same base layers, top and bottom, every single day. As mentioned in a recent article I wrote, frequent mountain pursuits don’t necessarily preclude cleanliness…but they almost do.

After years of waiting for an appropriately inexpensive base layer to pop up online, to replace my tattered and smelly one, I’ve finally joined the Terramar team as a ski mountaineer. That means I have enough base layers to give me one less reason to smell badly. Terramar creates fine base layers for anyone wanting to stay warm and dry in the chilly outdoors. As an athlete, I fall directly into that category.

Terramar commissioned the creation of a short video to display at the recent industry tradeshows. They played the video 30 feet in the air, projected onto the inside of a hollow circular banner above their interactive booth.


Terramar’s website features this news, as does their Facebook page. I appreciate their nice welcome.

In the future, you’ll notice a cool orange logo on my skis and the front of my helmet. It’s Terramar’s, and I like their products, which are the kind you don’t see.



visuals: KT Miller, Jason Eichhorst