To Bike or Not to Bike: O’Neill’s Winter Rainstorm Television Appearance

To highlight its athletes and current winter styles, O’Neill secured a spot on Salt Lake’s KUTV CBS television station and asked me to wake up at some godforsaken hour to show my sunburned face on local TV for people who wake up before the sun for things other than skiing. Strange concept. I had to get dressed in the dark and bike to the downtown station a few miles away. But when I awoke to darkness I awoke to torrential rain, and my carless self was granted the marvelous opportunity to borrow my roommate’s vehicle to head to the CBS studio without having to get sent to “makeup” for a post-bicycle-ride drying session.

I loitered “on-set” for an hour until the whole television crew ran over to me, moved everyone into position, and put us on the live morning show.

Considering I was lazily mid-Instagram when they ran over to me to start my segment, I think I did okay.

Check out the video, “End of Season Winter Gear Deals.”