Catching up on “Pressed” AKA Holy Smokes!

After an insanely beautiful run around the Alta grounds last week, I was compelled to send Alta Ski Area a couple of words and pictures. I saw 2 moose and 4 deer in, like, 10 minutes. Check out my short Alta blog post. [The next day, while running in Big Cottonwood Canyon, I saw 2 more moose and another deer. Holy smokes!].

Jeremy Jones wrote about his experience on Denali–which included a quick summit via an unpopular route with Conrad, Robin and me–on his website. A bunch of good photos, words, and feelings are included. Highly suggested. Wait, I climbed Denali with Jeremy Jones? Holy smokes!

Since graduating from Westminster, I have struggled to put myself in a meaningful position in the climate-caring-community. Negotiating the early stages of a career while wrestling with a personal desire to reintegrate myself in this community has been a striking personal dilemma. The same goes for my service to the community. I went from being heavily involved in countless environmental projects to unsolicitously preaching Idle Free practices to unwilling drivers at the airport Park-n-Wait. Protect Our Winters (POW), a non-profit organization started by Jeremy Jones that is tirelessly working to engage the snow sports community in the fight against climate change, has invited me to their Riders AllianceAs a humbled member of this group (my picture is under Sage’s!? Holy smokes!), I stand beside professional athletes committed to environmental leadership. My head also “stands” beside theirs on the website.

Within an hour of landing on Denali’s Kahiltna Glacier, I was introduced to one of the scientists who does research for Protect Our Winters. Suddenly, POW was well-represented on the glacier. This is Liz Burakowski’s description of her work on Denali. Holy smokes! That’s some real sciencey stuff.DSC00152-1t8noiv

While I was in Romania in May, I did a little Q&A session online with Surface Skis. It’s posted on their blog. Holy smokes! Surface asks some tough ones. I hope they didn’t notice that I completely deleted and ignored the really tough ones that they emailed me.

Right before leaving for Denali, Freeskier gave me a call to discuss what I was getting myself into. Since I had absolutely no idea, I managed to change the course of their questioning and confuse them to the point of surrendering any relevant inquiries. For their article, they wrote down, literally, every single word I said. Holy smokes! Good thing it’s all about skiing.

SLC trail running the past few days: