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Hey, I’m Brody.

Supposedly, I’ve always been pretty into it.

I wonder how 20,000 feet feels.  I aspire to reach that altitude under my own power.  Then, I want to exceed it. [On June 16, 2013, I did].

I tried, though, during a month mountaineering alone in Peru’s Cordillera Blanca, the world’s second largest mountain range.  I didn’t know what I was doing.  I suppose I still don’t.

I’ve been a vegetarian my entire life.  So, the answers to your inevitable questions are: “Yeah, never even tried it,” and, “Nope, not even once.  And no, not even bacon.”  But friends tell me that they hid meat in my vegetarian middle school cheese-and-mayonnaise lunch sandwiches more than I’ll ever know.

I served as Vice President of Lindsey Elementary School’s Student Council in Chesterland, Ohio.  In high school, I was Student Council Treasurer.  In my university years, I was twice elected Student Body President of Salt Lake City’s Westminster College.  This isn’t a logical flow of progression as much as it is a sign of a student government dweeb in denial.

At the age of 9, I borrowed $300 from my parents to fulfill a dream of scratching records like the DJs I envied on MTV.

It took a long time to pay them back.  But, 10 years later, I was the Owner/Head Entertainer of a 90’s byproduct, Brody’s Xtreme Sounds, liquidating my full-time disc jockey business before college.  Over those 10 years, I played hundreds of shows.  Running this business comprised my childhood, from ages 9-19.

For my junior and senior years of high school, I left home to attend Vermont’s own Mount Snow Academy.  There, I was able to train on a daily basis while receiving private tutoring based around a heavy schedule of competitive freestyle skiing.

I’ve never high dived, scuba dived, or sky dived.

As a teenager, I trained as an aerialist at Ohio’s Mont Chalet and Lake Placid’s Olympic Training Center during the summer months, and as a freestyle skier on glaciers in Oregon and Canada.

Now, I chase winter.  The southern hemisphere’s winter keeps my snow obsession at bay.

I haven’t been whitewater kayaking very long.  It’s still very new to me and I am having “fun” learning how to avoid certain death in frigid, miserable, rushing rapids.

Soccer was my life while growing up.  After playing my last high school game, my co-captain, Tom, and I sat in the stadium’s parking lot and cried for hours.  I’d dedicated 15 years of my life to a sport that seemed to have dead-ended.

I raced sailboats, track, cross country, mountains bikes, and lactic acid in the weight room.

I feel a very strong propensity to explore the world while still relatively young.

Friends play a monumental role in my life.  In our favorite activities, we trust one another with our lives on a daily basis.

Upon 2010′s college graduation, I spent a month traveling around scenic Alaska with my parents and older sister.  This is normally followed with a “No” response to “Did you see Sarah Palin?”…which isn’t funny.

Korean television is apparently hard-pressed for talent, urging my month in South Korea.  2 weeks of acting, 2 weeks of climbing.

In one of my life’s most memorable mistakes, I pedaled my bicycle 3,000 miles across most of the United States.  It started with 500 miles of hitchhiking in a blizzard, and ended with 6 weeks of uphill headwinds in a rainstorm.

My nights were spent in a tent, in a ditch, or in the houses of genuinely hospitable, newly-found friends.  To redeem what was left of my self respect, I rode my bike around the coastline of Hawaii.

almost left India without seeing the Taj Mahal.  I would have missed the opportunity to make fun of all the stupid pictures that people take in front of it.

The same mistake nearly plagued me with the Great Wall during a month of climbing in China.

The sweet flavor of soda pop hasn’t graced my lips since 8th grade.

At Westminster College, I double-majored in Economics and Honors with a minor in Spanish.  During commencement, to which a fun contingent of friends and professors rode bicycles, the college president presented me with the college’s highest award: the President’s Leadership Award.  I had slipped him $100,000 in unmarked foreign currency, and it definitely worked—I got a plaque.

I’m an outspoken advocate of sustainable modes of transportation.  In college, I designed a free bike rental program, Westminster Wheels, that has since been modeled at other campuses across the country.

Podcasts that interest me are about philosophy, survival, entrepreneurship, economics, and adventure.  Sometimes, they’re in Spanish.

I maintain a Smokey the Bear junior ranger hat with pins representing my visits to National Parks.

Money is just paper, and does not drive me.  I was very busine$$-minded at a young age, and my mobile DJ business allowed me financial freedom that few teenagers earn.  Now, while most of my peers are coming into their newly-acquired finance-minds, I am doing the polar opposite.  Maybe I’m making up for a childhood relinquished to business calls and contracts, or maybe it’s because I dread working for anyone but myself, but I see meager importance in my earning more than a subsistence right now.  I don’t expect anyone to agree with me.  I am still entrepreneurially-minded, but my ‘preneurs diverge from normal ventures.

I spend my time thinking, buying plane tickets, kayaking, climbing, skiing, biking around the city, and writing.  The mountains bring out the life within me, and I am humbly grateful to you for visiting.

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