Kangchenjunga, Everest, and Makalu were pretty good mountains to watch the sunrise toss some light on a few days ago.

Kites and Cockroaches

A few weeks ago, I went to sleep with a 2″ cockroach crawling around the vinyl couch I slept on, face-down. 2 nights ago, as friends and I spent 16+ hours sleeping on the cement floor of a dirty Indian train station, I awoke the others as I jumped up and brushed an enormous rat(…)

News is Slow in Chesterland, OH

News is Slow in Chesterland, OH

Cross-country bike trip breath of fresh air by JOSEPH KOZIOL, JR.

2010 in review

[ed note: the website hosting company that I use was nice enough to email me the below blog post, summarizing my blog's history, and even formatted it into this post with the click of a button.  So, from Kolkata (Calcutta), I'll post it.] The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did(…)

Must be Desperate

Must be Desperate

My “alma mater,” or what some may call “that place where I went to college,” is Westminster College.  I am an “alum,” “alumni,” or “alumnus” of this Salt Lake City ski haven institution, depending upon whom you ask.  Academics aside (do people really follow that stuff, anyway?), one feature that immediately attracted me to Westminster(…)


Want to know why I’d write such a letter?  Check it.