Not Puking

Seriously?  Come on.  A MONTH in India and I don’t even become bedridden? For once, I was actually expecting sickness to strike.  I mean, I always get sick abroad.  I have a weak stomach.  Whatever—get over it, right?  This time, I did.  I was all prepared with medicines and a proper, accepting mindset.  “Delhi Belly”(…)

Pakistan and Afterburners

I’m less than 50 miles from Pakistan right now. Last night, we watched fighter jets rocket over the restaurant where we enjoyed another flavorful Indian meal. Luckily, the evening’s only afterburners were in the sky. Not in my pants. Seriously, their blue-ish orange afterburners were fully firing as they flew overhead.  I’d never seen that(…)

Don’t Forget!

Obviously, the content of this site has slowed because I’m out of the country. Don’t give up hope, though!  I will continue to flood it with content (largely from the ski world) when I return in a week or 2. I’m always looking for criticism of the content, so send it along if you have(…)


Kangchenjunga, Everest, and Makalu were pretty good mountains to watch the sunrise toss some light on a few days ago.

Kites and Cockroaches

A few weeks ago, I went to sleep with a 2″ cockroach crawling around the vinyl couch I slept on, face-down. 2 nights ago, as friends and I spent 16+ hours sleeping on the cement floor of a dirty Indian train station, I awoke the others as I jumped up and brushed an enormous rat(…)

News is Slow in Chesterland, OH

News is Slow in Chesterland, OH

Cross-country bike trip breath of fresh air by JOSEPH KOZIOL, JR.

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