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little cottonwood

My Experiences in the Salt Lake Shootout

My Experiences in the Salt Lake Shootout

All of the good guys were invited weeks in advance.  I was simply lucky enough to receive a last-minute invitation into the Salt Lake Shootout, hosted by Ski Salt Lake (a Visit Salt Lake subsidiary).  Joe Johnson (from Canyons Resort) got me a spot with just a few days to prepare for the competition.  Fortunately,(…)

2 Outings, 1 Weekend, 0 of my Work

2 Outings, 1 Weekend, 0 of my Work

Questionably defacing the typically-beautiful front page of the Surface Skis blog today sits a group of young men, all of whom are prone to hiking on rocks in ski boots and receiving stone grinds from…stones.  In May.  On skis.  On Sunday, we found the only snow left on Planet Earth for a fun day of(…)

Climbing to Avoid Little Cottonwood Crowds

Sunday was unquestionably the most crowded I’ve ever seen the Wasatch Mountain’s Little Cottonwood Canyon.  Heading up for some afternoon trad climbing, Tim and I were greeted with swollen parking lots, route queues, and a distinct lack of the wild part of the Mount Olympus Wilderness.  We knew we had to be smart with our(…)

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